- The first year of military government continues with more abrogation of political rights and increased political repression. New Institutional Acts are promulgated.

- In April, the program O Fino da Bossa (The Best of Bossa Nova) is shown on São Paulo’s TV Record, hosted by Elis Regina and Jair Rodrigues. The same month, the magazine Revista Civilização Brasileira, a redoubt for left-wing intellectuals in Brazil, is launched

- In June, Elis Regina wins the 1º Festival Nacional de Música Popular (First National Festival of Popular Music), with the song “Arrastão”, by Edu Lobo, inaugurating an era of music festival contests on TV.

- In December, TV Record’s musical program Jovem Guarda (Young Generation), becomes an enormous hit among the country’s youth. The program is hosted every Sunday by the singer and songwriter Roberto Carlos, who introduces guest and friends from Brazilian rock – known as iê-iê-iê (yeah, yeah, yeah) – among them Erasmo Carlos and Wanderléia.