- A year of new technological conquests and the appearance of new myths. Passing within 58 million kilometers of Venus, the unmanned US spacecraft Mariner 2 transmits to Earth the first close-up information about another planet.

- Americans see for the first time TV images transmitted live from Europe, with the transmission of a French and an English program via the Telstar satellite.

- Couturier Yves Saint Laurent inaugurates his own fashion house in Paris, exhibiting his successful creations.

- In London, the Beatles explode onto the musical scene and prepare to conquer the world.

- Meanwhile, in New York, US artist Andy Warhol makes his famous paintings of dollar bills and Campbell soup cans. In August, he makes his first series of Marilyn silk screens and, in October, is included in the pop art exhibition The New Realists, held in the Sidney Janis Gallery.

- The world is saddened by the news of actress Marilyn Monroe’s death. She is found dead in August, in her house in Los Angeles, a bottle of sleeping pills at her side.