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rogério duprat

rogério duprat


Rogério Duprat was born in 1932 in Rio de Janeiro, but it was in São Paulo that he settled as he became a conductor and composer. In the early 60’s, he was a part of Música Nova, an avant-garde music movement, next to Júlio Medaglia, Damiano Cozzella and Gilberto Mendes, among others. Still in the 60’s, Duprat traveled to Europe, where he studied in France with composer Pierre Boulez, and in Germany with Karleinz Stockhausen.

tudo ido e lido e lindo e vindo
do vivido na minha adolescidade
idade da pedra e paz
Caetano Veloso e Rogério Duprat

Back in Brazil, Duprat got involved with the creation of experimental computer pieces with Damiano Cozzella. At Brasilia University, where he taught, he was part of a number of events and manifestations of aleatoric or chance music. He also composed for film, and was awarded a number of prizes, particularly when he worked with filmmaker Walter Hugo Khouri.

Duprat’s intervention in Brazilian Popular Music resulted in one of the most relevant participations in Tropicalism. In addition to the close partnership with the group os Mutantes, Rogério Duprat arranged most of the movement’s albums. His arrangements fused knowledge, daring and inventiveness, and the one he made for the song “Domingo no Parque” was chosen as best arrangement at the 3rd Festival of Brazilian Popular Music on TV Record, in 1967.

The following decade, the conductor worked both as arranger and musical producer for the advertising market. He signed arrangements for Chico Buarque, Nara Leão, Walter Franco, Jair Rodrigues, Gal Costa, Rita Lee and many others until he decided to pull away from his artistic activities because of hearing problems. Rogério Duprat died in October 2006 in the city of São Paulo.