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Três trópicos da tropicália

lindonéia (beauty – also the title of a song by caetano)

Once in the barrack’s barbershop, Caetano said: “Cut my hair!”

The barber: “But… your haircut, sir… I don’t know how”.

Caetano: “Cut it like everyone else”.

“What? Have you gone mad, Mr. Caetano?”

“That’s right. An anonymous style. I’m going to the other side of the mirror.     Cut!”

When he got up, a crowd had gathered at the door to the barbershop. Everybody wanted to see Caetano with short hair. It was a day of many visits to the barracks. From a fashion point of view, it was the biggest event at the barracks since the introduction of olive green.

Thus did Caetano Emanuel Viana Teles Veloso become immersed in his wished-for anonymity. There, around the beginning of May ‘69, he would be released from prison. (He had to report to the barracks every Tuesday). They were seen, waiting at a bus stop; unknown and elsewhere.

Lindonéia-de-calça-e-camisa, desatento da foto e da fama. (Lindonéia-in-pants-and-shirt, unaware of photos or fame).

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Três trópicos da tropicália