It's forbidden to forbid

Caetano Veloso

→ Audio of speech “É Proibido Proibir”

So this is youth who says it wants to take power? Do you have the courage to applaud a song this year, the same kind of song that you didn’t have the courage to applaud the year before? You are the same youth tha will always, always kill tomorrow the old enemy who died yestarday. You don’t understand anything, anything, anything-nothing at all! Today there is no Fernando Pessoa. Today, I came to tell you that the one who had the courage to take on the atructure of the festival, not with the fear that Mr. Chico de Assis recommended, but with courage…the one who had the courage to take on that structure and make it explode was Gilberto Gil! And it was me! Nobody else, it was Gilberto Gil and me! You’re out of it. You don’t understand anything. But what kind of youth is this? What kind of youth is this? (screams) You wil never stop anyone. Do you know who you are like? Do you know who you are like? Is There sound in this microphone? Do you know who you are like? You are like those who went to “Roda Viva” and beat up the actors. You are no diferent – no diferent in any way from them. You are no dofferent. And speaking of that, long live Cacilda Becker! Long live Cacilda Becker! I’m cimmited to declaring this homage here. It has nothing  to do with you. The problem is this: you want to police Brazilian music. Maranhão presented, this year, a song with a Charleston arrangement.  You know what it was? It was “Gabriela” from the year before, which he didn’t have the courage to present last year because it was American. But Gil has already been on this road. What do you want? I came here to put na end to this. I want to say to the jury: disqualify me! I have nothing to do with this! Nothing to do with this!  Gilberto Gil. Gilberto Gil is here with me, so that we can put na end to this festival, to all of the idiocy that reigns in Brazil. To end it once and for all. We only participated in the festival for that, right, Gil? We don’t pretend… We don’t pretend here trat we are unware of what the festival is, no. No one ever heard me talk this way. Understand? I only wanted to say that, baby. You know how it is? We, he and I, had the courage to go inside all the structures and leave them all. And you? You, if you are (…) if you are the same in politics as you are in aesthetics, we’re done for! Disqualify me along with Gil! Along with Gil, do you undertand? And as for you…In this…the Jury is very nice, but it is incompetent. God is free! (sings) “Give me a kiss, my love, they are waiting for us, the utomobiles burn in flames, knoch down the shelves, the bookshelves, the statues, the glass cases, the dishes, books yes, and I say yes, and I say no to no, and I say, it is forbidden to forbid”. Off key, without melody. What do you think, jury? You didn’t get it? Did Gilberto Gil’s melody qualify? You’re out of it. Gil melted your brains, huh? And that’s the way I want to see it.

It's forbidden to forbid