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guilherme araújo

guilherme araújo


Rio de Janeiro based businessman and producer Guilherme Araújo was born in 1936. He studied theatre direction with Paschoal Carlos Magno, and produced and directed the musical Dentro da Noite, on TV Tupi in Rio. Araújo studied television in Italy and Germany. Back in Brazil he was assistant to producer Aloysio de Oliveira at Elenco recording label.

soltei os panos sobre os mastros no ar
soltei os tigres e os leões nos quintais
mas as pessoas na sala de jantar
são ocupadas em nascer e em morrer
Gilberto Gil e Torquato Neto

In 1966, Araújo directed and co-wrote Maria Bethânia’s show Recital at Cangaceiro nightclub in Rio. Soon after, he became the singer’s manager. This was the start of a long partnership with the group from Bahia, which, in addition to Maria Bethânia, was also formed by Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil and Gal Costa.

It wasn’t long before Guilherme Araújo started handling the careers of Caetano, Gil and Gal, and having a key role in Tropicalism, thanks to his sharp artistic vision of the business. In addition to producing, the manager also influenced the choice of repertoire and musicians, as well as show scripts and even the artists’ changes of image. He opened a publishing house: Gapa-Saturno.

With time, Araújo took a professional distance from the Baianos and invested in other areas of Brazilian show-biz. He and Gil fell apart due to a disagreement regarding right of authorship.

Notwithstanding his controversial public image, Guilherme Araújo has remained a reference in the carioca cultural scene and is recognized as a key player in the movement he helped create. After heath-related complications, the “tropicalista businessman” died in Rio de Janeiro in March 2007.