Ilumencarnados seres




The band from São Paulo, was first created in 1966 by base player, pianist, singer and composer Arnaldo Baptista (1948); his brother, the guitar player, cello player and composer Sérgio Dias (1951); and singer and composer Rita Lee Jones (1947). After trying the names The Wooden Faces and O Conjunto, the band was finally baptized Mutantes (1966).

The group’s involvement with Tropicalism started the year following its baptism, when they were invited to back Gilberto Gil’s performance of his song “Domingo no Parque” at TV Record’s 3rd Festival of Brazilian Popular Music in 1967. The Mutantes’ verve, the sound of their electric guitar and base, and maestro Rogério Duprat’s inventive arrangements synthesized the sound of Tropicalism.

After they joined Tropicalism, the band became the great name of avant-guard Brazilian rock of the 60’s. They had a decisive participation in the collective album Tropicália or Panis et Circensis, not to mention the LPs of artists Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso of 1968. They also made three of their own albums with Duprat between 1968 and 1970. Mutantes were also in Rogério Duprat’s album A Banda Tropicalista (1968), and backed Caetano Veloso in his historic performance of “É Proibido Proibir” at TV Globo’s 3rd FIC (International Festival of Song), in 1968.

In 1970, Mutantes disputed the 5th FIC with a song by Arnaldo, Rita and Sérgio, “Ando Meio Desligado”, one of the band’s greatest hits. The next two years, Mutantes released two more albums committed to the tropicalista spirit (Jardim Elétrico, of 1971, and Os Mutantes no país dos Baurets, of 1972). At the same time, Rita Lee released the solo album Hoje é o primeiro dia do resto de nossas vidas, of 1972. With the decision to carry on with her solo career, Rita Lee left the group, which, with the Baptista brothers, pursued a progressive rock sound. The band would last until 1977, and, during that time, Sérgio Dias would be the only original founding member to remain through the band’s different configurations.

eu juro que é melhor
não ser um normal
se eu posso pensar
que deus sou eu
Arnaldo Baptista e Rita Lee

In 2005, the Baptista brothers felt up to reformulating and getting the Mutantes back together again. Their great ally in this endeavor was the original drummer Dinho. Because Rita Lee didn’t accept the invitation, Sérgio Dias called singer Zélia Duncan from Rio. In 2006, Mutantes went on the road with a series of highly successful shows both in the public’s and the critics’ eyes, picking up the band’s path from where it had left off.